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Much more than just a practical, off-road, safe place to park your car. Driveways create a strong first impression of your living space and let’s not forget that fundamental aspect that can be provided to the value of your home. At Affordable Driveway and Patios, we offer an immense range of products that can help you achieve your desired finish.  

Did you know at least one in every four front gardens across the UK are now paved? Creating a paved front has become a largely popular option for homeowners not only for practicality but also, aesthetics. 

When updating your Driveway, you can choose from a vast range of finishes to suit your desired style. Our knowledgeable Team will assist and advise, allowing you to take reign to dream a design which will reflect your desired taste. 

With such a broad choice, comes a huge responsibility in making the right choice. So deciding between Concrete, Stone, Resin, Gravel or any other finish, allow our experts to explain the key fundamental values across the range.

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We practice safe working systems as well demonstrating our passion for care towards our environment by respecting all aspects of horticulture. 

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